Computer Maintenance

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Maintenance And System Information Maintaining your computer can be very tedious, but with the proper knowledge you can simplify this process by automating many features so they run and function with minimal or no user input. Turning on Window’s automatic updater will help keep your system up to-date. You can set the updater to check at set times with Microsoft to see if there are any new updates available. Knowing vital information about your system is an important step in keeping your system running properly. By using the System Information Utility you can familiarize yourself with all of your systems components and drivers. Using this utility you can view any conflicts that might be causing errors in your system or get…show more content…
Security Precautions All computer users need to observe basic security precautions when their computer is connected to the Internet. Viruses, Worms and Spyware is everywhere on the internet lurking to steal your information and wreck havoc on your computer. Anti-virus and Anti-spam software is available in many choices to help protect and ensure the protection of your computer. Windows XP itself has built-in security features that run in the background constantly checking for suspicious activity. Most of these features are preconfigured and have no way to modify how they run and operate, but there are also security features that can be configured and adapt to your needs. Windows has a built-in firewall that you can configure to perform and block information from and to your computer as you prefer. An anti-virus is built into Windows as well. Unfortunately the Windows anti-virus is underpowered and lacks proper utilization of know vulnerabilities to completely rely on its effectiveness. Setting and maintaining normally scheduled Backups is one of the best ways to be prepared in the event of compromised system security. Often times then not this routine is overlooked possibly resulting in the permanent lose of important information and data. Backed up information can be
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