Computer Makes People Become Lazy

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A "F grade" for my quiz which I corrected 8 out 10 questions was a shock for me. The first thing I did was asking my teacher what happened with my quiz. After we checked all the answers, my teacher realized that her computer made a making mistake. Therefore I realized that even a computer made mistake; computers may have revolutionized the way we live and work, but what would happen if they all suddenly crashed? As we increasingly rely on computers to get through the day, the question begs to be asked: have we become too dependent on computers? People has one thing that distinct with other is thinking. We create everything to make our life become easier. Since computer was invented, it was listed as one of the greatest inventions that…show more content…
Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, worried that the way Google filters information makes it potentially less useful, in certain respects. He was concerned that the flood of information leaved people with no time to think (CQ Press). Moreover, they predict the chaos that can occur when suddenly the systems fail to work or, what is worse, refuse to listen to people’s orders. Moreover , an input error or a bug in the software can lead to "garbage in, garbage out", structural designs that don’t work, and errors that go undetected. The increasing power of computers and other technologies , artificial intelligence has become an essential part of technology 's evolution. Nowadays, the intelligent robots are using to replace the man in some tasks and jobs. The success of technology is measured by its ability to make life easier, safer and better for humanity. According to proposals by politicians and economists, technological innovations will lead to increased consumer spending, therefore requiring companies to hire more employees and eventually increase wages. However, many businesses are using technology to replace workers with software and robots, stating that technology is not creating income growth that increases the standards of living.“The problem is that they are using it to replace human workers everywhere, with software eliminating white collar
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