Computer Mechanic Research Paper

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We live in a world of electronics.

If you ever take a walk one day, look around at all of the electronics, whether it's the woman on her smartphone downloading the latest app, or the man on his laptop updating his profile on facebook. There is always going to be electronics around you, and all of those electronics are changing. Those changes need to be developed and then those developments need to be made sure that they are in tip top shape. I want to be that person who makes sure that those electronics stay in tip top shape. I have wanted to be a computer mechanic since late elementary school, when I first learned about how fun it was to take apart computers and build them better and faster. I know there is more to the computer repairing industry then just opening computers and looking inside for anything wrong with it. There is reading all of the error codes and finding out the problem and fixing it. But reading error code and fixing those problem are something that is very useful to be able to know how to do, and could have many uses for outside of just working.
There has been classes that I have
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But the other larger industries I have tried to love just didn't work out like this one does. They didn't work out because of reasons like the complexity of the job and the cost of it and often those jobs where fluctuating work hours and moving a lot with the job.. With the computer repair industry all you really need to get a good stable job is a associates or a bachelor's degree. There is a lot of reasons behind that, like all of the people who use computers and laptops and other electrical devices like that. There are many other benefits to going into the computer repair industry. You are almost always working in an air conditioned environment. Often you just work with a small team of other computer mechanics and can talk and enjoy life as long as you are able to stay on
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