Computer Mediated Communication Analysis

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With the advent of computers and related technologies of communication, the nature of communication has changed drastically. There are some positive highlights to this change as well as negative highlights to this change based on my experience. In my younger years, the only form of communication was one on one communication or writing through snail mail. However, this is not the case today. Today, I make use of emails, social media, and other chatting forums to communicate both professionally and personally to family, friends, and relatives. I have found this change to have its advantages as well as disadvantages. In this paper, I will discuss how computer-mediated communication has aided my communication as well as how it compares to the type of communication that was available during my younger years. In addition, I will give a comparison between computer-mediated communication and person-to-person communication.
In my younger days, there were no emails or social media to help in increasing the speed of communication. When I was in school and needed to communicate to my parents or to a friend, I would have to use snail mail and wait for weeks on end before I received a reply. Back there was no internet available. As such, if it was a case of financial assistance required,
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Computer mediated communication has greatly reduced the speed with which I can communicate. In addition, computer-mediated communication allows me to talk to them using Skype and other video call set-ups in the same manner as I would talk to a person right in front of me. I have found this to be very efficient as I can communicate to friends and relatives living in different states via video chats. As such, the issue of distance is not a factor when using voice calls compared to my younger years. Time and distance have been merged by
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