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Units of Analysis for Internet Communication

John December
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Introduction Defining Internet-based, Computer-mediated Communication Approaches to Defining Communication Figure 1. Basic operation of the Internet's TCP/ IP switching protocols Figure 2. The client-server data communications model Integration Examples of Internet Communication Units of Analysis for Internet-based Communication The Server-Client-Content Triad Contextualizing Media Units of Analysis Figure 3. Symbols for graphic representation of media classes and objects
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More recently, media researchers have examined the notion of "media richness" to examine media selection in individual and organizational communication (Daft & Lengel, 1984, 1986; Daft, Lengel, & Trevino, 1987; Lengel & Daft, 1988; Rice & Shook, 1990; Trevino, Daft, & Lengel, 1990; Trevino, Lengel, Bodensteiner, Gerloff, & Muir, 1990; Trevino, Lengel, & Daft, 1987). This focus on media uses a variety of frameworks for defining units of analysis, or fails to define any units of analysis. As a result, it is difficult to piece together an integrative model to explain and predict media use, adoption, and evolution patterns, or even classify study results or theoretical statements.

Another approach to researching on-line communication is a focus on language and rhetoric. Researchers in these areas have likewise discovered many insights into the structure and content of computer-mediated communication and how literacy and orality are affected by communication technology (Baron, 1984; Black, Levin, Mehan & Quinn, 1983; Ferrara, Brunner & Whittemore, 1991; Finnegan, 1988; Gurak, 1994; Lakoff, 1982; Murray, 1991; Ochs, 1989; Ong, 1977, 1982; Shank, 1993; Spitzer, 1986). These studies have examined a variety of
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