Computer Mediated Communication Paper

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Computer Mediated Communication Final Reflection Paper on Group Collaboration Project COMM.444 The online environment, and in particular, computer mediated communication is an effective medium to provide the social aspect of learning emphasized with collaborative learning. Collaborative and cooperative interactions can occur within virtual teams and groups based on how information is exchanged and requiring group members to formulate opinions and facilitate goals to accomplish. The utilization of a variety of CMC tools also helped our group establish a more collaborative and cooperative approach towards developing content and creativity, distributing tasks, creating a more cohesive online work environment. Through formulating…show more content…
My area of focus was self-presentations online and how internet-based communication tools provide new opportunities for self-presentation, especially via social networking sites which allow users to create custom profile pages. I emphasized that online dating profiles are essential for daters to present their most ideal self to other suitable candidates. However, through this collaborative group process, we wanted to emphasize creativity, individuality, and accountability. It was important that we all worked together to bring unique ideas towards such a broad and diverse topic of online dating. Initially, a group member decided that we should appoint a leader; someone who can help coordinates the movement and structure of responsibilities throughout the process. I took the responsibility as group leader and confirmed via emails that even though this was a designated position, we will still accomplish our goals and develop content strategy as a cohesive group. My first task was to emphasize the importance of consistent communication through our email and that frequent, not immediate responses were vital towards the success of our collaboration paper. As a group, we established task guidelines,
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