Computer Mediated Communication in Organizations

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Communication Management

Topic: Computer mediated communication in organizations

Assignment : Research Paper

emails would always stand second to personal interaction--- the “richest” communication medium

Ralph Waldo Emerson (2003) once said “Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel. It is to bring another out of his bad sense into your good sense”. Communication is the process by which information is passed from one person to another either verbally like tone, pause and pitch or non-verbally like writing, body language or pictures. Language for communication has no barrier if the expression of sensitivity in a man is predominant. Dr. Abraham Maslow classified the various human needs of which the social
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To bring about a synergy in their activities, across the barriers of distance, language, culture and social structure, human resource professionals have to work doubly hard to maintain team cohesiveness. Making quick and concrete decisions within a team is the need of the hour and according to Alpay (2005) using emails not only slows down the whole decision making process but also sometimes leads to a point where no decision is taken at all. Various means of communication such as discussion board, electronic mail, audio conferencing, chat room, FTP, FAX are used for successful management and data exchange between them (Jiang et al., 2001). Forsytth in the year 1999, defined team cohesion as a state when the members of the team work with satisfaction, enjoyment and coordination with each other(Knight et al., 2008). This definitely cannot be achieved through electronic mail, but would require concerted interpersonal interactions to keep the team motivated and happy while striving to achieve to achieve organizational goals. Also from to the four hypothesizes concluded by Knight, Pearson and Hunsinger (2008) it is clear that face to face communication would facilitate team cohesion to a much greater extent than emails as a source of communication. It is also very difficult to provide mutual support to the team members over emails(Alpay,
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