Computer Mediated Discourse By Jannis Androutsopoulos

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This generation has experienced significant advancement in the technological world. It is a platform of which communication has become more efficient, specifically through text messaging. As technology and efficiency have advanced, so have the language ideologies surrounding them. Adult speakers of the English language have formed the ideology that text messaging are ruining the language. Texting and instant messaging are not directly influencing literacy, in fact, they introduce a new kind of literacy. From Variation to Heteroglossia in the Study of Computer-Mediated Discourse by Jannis Androutsopoulos, Always On : Language in an Online and Mobile World by Naomi S. Baron, From Statistical Panic to Moral Panic: The Metadiscursive Construction and Popular Exaggeration of New Media Language in the Print Media by Crispin Thurlow, Undergraduates ' Text Messaging Language And Literacy Skills by Abbie Grace, The Effects Of Text Messaging And Instant Messaging On Literacy by Lieke Verheijen, and Beverly Plester, Nengah Kemp, and Clare Woods’, Text Messaging and Literacy – The Evidence all make clear that this is a prevalent language ideology used to control the discourse of the English language. The cellphone was the form of technology chosen because, despite the financial investment that the cellphone is, many people have one. The large quantity cellphone owners led to the conclusion that there must be ideology surrounding the cellphone. Due to the gaps of technological

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