Computer Mediation As A Means Of Relational Development Opportunities

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Literature Review In recent years, many individuals have found the hectic nature of their lifestyles, a variety of personality traits, or even a general lack of effort do not afford much in the means of close relational development opportunities. In an effort to create connections and form new relationships, whether intimate or platonic, many turn to online dating communities. With online dating, the presumption is the predominant population of the community is searching for some form of intimate relationship. With a significant number of new dating sites appearing every day, the appeal of computer mediation as a means of relational development continues to grow. Users create profiles, tailoring visible images and information in order to convey a specific perception ones’ self to the viewing public. However, usage of online communities also runs the risk of potential deception in the form of exaggerated and/or completely fabricated identities. Despite this, deception in online dating is believed to be common and sometimes necessary, dependent on the magnitude of the fabrication. According to Guadagno, Okdie, and Kruse (2012), those in search of a possible relationship, believe to be cognizant of which specific attributes would be generally attractive, and will deliberately modify dating profiles to accommodate these preferences. These communities represent a unique opportunity to examine deception as a means of identity perception formation, and in what manner certain
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