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Computer Memory Hacking NAME Professor CIS 106 November 20, 2014 Technology continues to evolve exponentially. However these technological advancements continue to pose a threat to both individuals and information resources of companies and governments. There is therefore the need to protect one’s data and information due to the emerging threats and risks. Hacking is where third parties create a backdoor version of a hardware and software so as to manipulate or unlock hidden functionalities on a machine. Most of these hacks are open source and free soft wares. These hacks manipulate the firmware update option on many devices to run and install themselves. Many researchers have found out that breaking into…show more content…
However this has made us vulnerable to hacking and loss of data. Max Butler was prosecuted in 2000 for hacking into government systems using the Denial of Service (DNS) tool. He was ‘supposedly’ a hacker working for the FBI as an informant. He broke into thousands of government computers. At first it seemed as if he was simply being helpful by patching the vulnerability that granted him access, effectively disallowing other hackers in. Thus, he created a backdoor so that only he could return. Other commonly used tools are Trojan horses, worms and viruses. In 2002 David L. Smith, was found guilty of knowingly spreading a computer virus with the intent of causing damage. His virus, known as Melissa, infected users through emails and infected the computer’s Microsoft Outlook to send the same infectious email to the first 50 contacts. The Melissa virus spread quickly and caused over $80 million in damages and is up to date regarded as the most costly computer outbreak. Due to the severe damage hacking can cause, its best to be aware and have in place various measures to avert attacks. Some of these practices are listed as follows. 1) Vulnerability analysis: which can be done through policy identification, network analysis and host analysis 2) Use of Analysis tools such as knoppix STD and Microsoft base security analyzer to establish possible vulnerabilities and

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