Computer Misuse Act By Robert Schifreen And Stephen Gold

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Computer misuse Act has been enacted after some cyber attacks, for instance the hacking attack against British Telecom commited by Robert Schifreen and Stephen Gold, between 1984 and 1985, using conventional devices such as a personal computer, to surfing in the BT network after obtain the user and password of an IT engineer. They had access to the personal mail box of some members of royal family. They were fined respectively with 750 and 600 pounds after being processed. Thus the law in the UK has been revised and for instance,since 2006,crimes such as attempt or achieve unauthorised access to a computer or network to alter information, or to write and circulate a computer virus ,worm and trojan horse are punishable with a maximum of 10 years in prison. It seems that DOS attacks and other forms of cyber attacks are not under Computer misuse Act legislation ( misinformation and ignorance from many sources such as some webs of IT security specialists) but after consultation with an international law firm that doubt was resolved,and Compuer Misuse Act encompasses a wide range of activities including DOS attacks. Personal data are regulated by United Nations and urges States to implement effective measures to ensure that information concerning a person´s private life does not reach the hands of person who are not authorized by law to receive,process and use it.Thus private data are protected not only by law of States also by international laws, and concerning computer misuse

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