Computer Network : A Network

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Computer network: A computer network is interconnection of more computing systems and their hardwares for storing and transmitting the data. These networks can be connected either wires or wireless. Connecting the systems without wires is called wireless technology. Connecting the computers , laptops , printers and gaming devices comes under computer network Person Area Network: Person area network is a computer network connecting the devices within the environment of an individual person. Personal area network typically includes devices like laptops, mobiles, gadgets and other personal digital assistants. Local area network: Connecting the networks within limited areas such as schools, hotels, buildings using network medium are called local area networks. This networks constitute a little geographical area . The data transfer rate is very high and reliable in these networks Metropolitan Area Network: The network which connecting the devices to a larger area like small towns covering area up to 50 km called metropolitan area networks. These networks are high speed networks that interconnect businesses with other businesses and the internet. Wide area network: The network consisting relatively large geographical area and linking states , countries and the world are wide area networks. These networks are often connected through public telephones and they can be connected through satellites Data communications: Data communication refers to exchanging the data between

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