Computer Network and Data Warehouse

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Chapter 11 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 1. Closed database architecture is a. a control technique intended to prevent unauthorized access from trading partners. b. a limitation inherent in traditional information systems that prevents data sharing. c. a data warehouse control that prevents unclean data from entering the warehouse. d. a technique used to restrict access to data marts. e. a database structure that many of the leading ERPs use to support OLTP applications. 2. Each of the following is a necessary element for the successful warehousing of data EXCEPT a. cleansing extracted data. b. transforming data. c. modeling data. d. loading data. e. all of the above are necessary. 3. Which of the following is typically NOT part of…show more content…
d. do not see the data warehouse as an audit or control issue at all because financial records are not stored there. e. need not review access levels granted to users since these are determined when the system is configured and never change. 10. Which statement is most correct? a. SAP is more suited to service industries than manufacturing clients. b. J.D. Edwards’s ERP is designed to accept the best practices modules of other vendors. c. Oracle evolved from a human resources system. d. PeopleSoft is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management. e. SoftBrands provides enterprise software for the hospitality and manufacturing sectors. Chapter 12 Electronic Commerce Systems 1. Which of the following statements is correct? a. TCP/IP is the basic protocol that permits communication between Internet sites. b. TCP/IP controls web browsers that access the web. c. TCP/IP is the document format used to produce web pages. d. TCP/IP is used to transfer text files, programs, spreadsheets, and databases across the Internet. e. TCP/IP is a low-level encryption scheme used to secure transmissions in higher-level (HTTP) format. 2. Which of the following best describes a system of computers that connects the internal users of an organization distributed over a wide geographic area? a. LAN b. Internet c. decentralized network d. multidrop network e. intranet 3. Sniffer software is a. used by malicious websites to sniff data from cookies stored on the
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