Computer Network and Patton-fuller Community Hospital

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Joshua Harris NTC/362 August 9th, 2012 Richard Douglass Patton-Fuller Community Hospital ”Patton- Fuller Community Hospital has prided itself on providing top-of-the-notch not-for-profit health care organization since their opening in 1975” (University of Phoenix, 2012). The hospital’s specialty is in providing high-quality health care to all patients, and establishing peaceful work relationships within the staff. Services provided by the hospital are “surgery, emergency medical care, physical therapy, labor and delivery, radiology, and more” (University of Phoenix, 2012). “In Kelsey, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is the first hospital, dedicated at the hospital is to…show more content…
1-2). Now, the importance of protocols when communicating between computers is beyond critical because without the implementation of communication protocols between computers, there is no communication or interaction between computers at all! No communication between company computers and to internet databases would set a company back to the point of extinction. Protocols for my Design The protocols in my design that will allow the communication of all devices for Patton-Fuller to transmit quickly and without restriction performs on the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) standard, which will divide all of Patton-Fuller’s network traffic into layers. This layer system will consist of the following: • “Application - The Application Layer is the layer that most network users are exposed to, and is the level at which human communication happens. HTTP, FTP, and SMTP are examples of the application layer protocols the Patton-Fuller will now be utilizing for communicating electronically” (Network Design, 2012). • “IP (the Internet Protocol) is the most common Network Layer protocol where routing occurs” (Network Design, 2012). I will put in place two wireless network interfaces, which will interconnect with the newly installed fiber optic routing system. Internet nodes will communicate via the IP address, • “Data Link -Whenever two or more nodes share the same physical medium (for example, several computers plugged

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