Computer Networking

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Chad Nash
Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows XP Windows XP was introduced as a significant upgrade to Windows 98 and Windows Millennium. After Microsoft brought out MS-DOS in the 1980's it developed its futuristic operating system - Windows. Newer versions of this OS were developed over the years, including the out bringing of Windows NT (New Technology) which was aimed at business users and computer servers. After numerous incarnations of the Windows operating system, including Windows 95, 98 and the much criticized Windows Millennium, the XP system was released October 25, 2001.Windows XP has much in common with the singularities and also engineering of Windows 2000. In fundamentals XP was created to"bridge the two architectures
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You work on one PC but control images across two or more screens." (DOMINICQUICK2004) There is also considerably more support for mobile uses and IT personnel.. For example, the Remote Desktop Connection which has been based on the Terminal Services in Windows NT and 2000 servers allows any computer with Windows XP to control another computer over a landline or the internet. The Sharing of Internet connections has also been improved. For example, "...a Network Bridge feature eases the task of combining separate network technologies such as Ethernet, Home PNA, and wireless. In fact, Windows XP includes code to connect to 802.11b wireless networks. "On a more technical level, XP shows substantial improvements in performance when compared to previous incorporation of the operating system, as well as in the usage of system resources. This is an important advantage of the new operating system as earlier versions of Windows have been exceptionally lacking in this department. This contrastingly factor in other versions was broadly due the need for backward unity with the early version of Windows. "Consumption of free System Resources has been an important and frustrating issue in Windows 9x, at least for a vast users, due to an design that was well needed for the backwards compatibility that has been so important in Windows 9x." This is also an important issue in terms of current computer
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