Computer Networking is Revolutionizing Our Society

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The Internet, a combination of technology, communication, and media, is a developing and unique medium in its infancy. Technology and tools of communication are still in the process of development as technology continues to advance. As a site of cultural, political, and ideological discussion, it has unquestionably contributed to a culture and lifestyle dependent on technology. The World Wide Web has reconfigured people’s perception of the world, allowing access to an extensive amount of information that previously has been inaccessible to them. In addition to enabling users to gain access to a plethora of information, the Internet is a tool of globalization in which ideas, knowledge, and thoughts are instantaneously shared on a worldwide scale. While some have portrayed the Internet as a powerful tool for free expression on the global network, others have highlighted the potential of networks with which the government can constrain the power of organizations through collective online actions and surveillance. With increasing advancements in technology comes greater and easier access to information and control. In a democratic nation, the Internet’s ability to facilitate access to information about another person violates privacy rights. With the Internet, existing laws are ambiguous about what standards apply for different kinds of surveillance. Computer networking is revolutionizing our society in an affirmative way. Technological advances like the Internet facilitates

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