Computer Networks And Its Impact On The Organization 's Business Strategy

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Computer networks allow for employees within an organization to share files and exchange ideas more efficiently. Also, computer networks make it easier to back up all the company’s data on an offsite server. Computer networking supports business operations and contributes immensely to globalization. Therefore, organizations invest heavily in computer networks ensuring they work efficiently. This paper discusses ten points to consider when evaluating a computer network. These evaluation points explore the network’s: security, data rate, network upgrade tolerance, device interfacing, internet connections, application performance, network services, wireless connectivity, and its cost.
Network supports business value
American businesses
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Data rate analysis
For networks, the data medium is an important component. Given the medium works properly, then the speed of transferring data (data rate) is good and short of delayed transmission. It is important to ensure that networks have the right data medium in place. E.g. wired networks mostly utilize Ethernet cables which can utilize coaxial cable, twisted pair wires or fibre optics. Furthermore, these technologies come with pros and cons. A differentiator organization might ignore the cost of fibre optics to gain higher data rates. Conversely, a cost leader might utilize twisted pair wires as they are the least expensive technology used in networks. The network’s performance and data rate is determined by the data medium hence it has to be analyzed during a network evaluation.(Ramandeep, 2013)
Accommodates company expansion (can be upgraded)
Sometimes, large companies absorb smaller companies to gain several advantages. For example, a German company acquired the company I work for recently. Hence, the buyout entails reorganization within the two companies and network upgrades. Also, the coming together of the two companies creates jobs and the company will be hiring new employees who need access to network resources. Furthermore, the company’s research facility is expanding and new offices will require connectivity. Thus, evaluating my companies network will require determining whether a network upgrade is
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