Computer Networks And The Modern World Essay

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Computer network technology The subject I will be undergoing in my next year will be Computer Network Technology BSc Hons. This subject looks at all aspects of computer networking in the modern world. This course also gives many computing principles such as systems analysis and database development. I have chosen this course because I have always been interested in computing and have made a few database systems while working in the army. I would like to learn more about network security and I hope to work in Germany for two years before moving to America pursuing a career in network security. I have a keen interest in networking and have done penetration testing for my old high school. After being made redundant from the army I hope to improve my knowledge of computing and better my qualifications as leaving college at nineteen to pursue a career in the military has made me realise that I should of worked harder at college and gone to university. Knowledge This subject deals with all aspects of computing but focuses mainly on computer networking. It will give the knowledge to be able to explain, evaluate and apply techniques and methods to solve a range of computing problems. Explain and apply project management tools and techniques. Identify, evaluate and justify appropriate hardware, systems software and communications protocols required for network design and implementation. Competently identify, assess and use tools and techniques for the management of networks. Solve
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