Computer Networks And The Network System

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The world is full of technology, in this ever growing world this technology needs to be connected. Everything is interconnected through the internet nowadays. The internet is the connection of assorted computer networks through a series of service providers and businesses. In order to create these networks, there needs to be devices known as routers, switches and firewalls. These devices have some very well-known vendors, such as, Cisco and Juniper. Juniper uses an operating system called Junos. Junos OS is a great network operating system because of its modularity and it’s unique and hierarchical configuration style. The operating system is very popular among many Information technology companied and service providers. Junos is a great…show more content…
Ciarlone say in a statement “One of the first things that Juniper realized was that, due to Cisco 's monolithic pricing, smaller businesses were being shut out of high-end networking almost entirely” (Ciarlone). He goes on to say that using Juniper products are great for small to medium sized networks. Cisco has moved up to higher tier networking and thus their equipment has upped in price as well (Ciarlone). Juniper is aimed at not only the big networking side but also heavily caters to the small scale network side. The devices range in different tiers of price and ability. The biggest difference has to be the price in the products. The price of a product can make or break a company’s network infrastructure; not all companies can budget themselves for the greatest network infrastructure. Jim Duffy compares and contrasts these two networking giants and points out many differences, Jim goes on to quote Jeff Doyle, the president of IP consultancy Jeff Doyle and Associates saying "The reality is, IOS is pretty old. [JUNOS] was architecturally designed differently. It 's more modern and modular, meaning bug fixes are easier and functional failures tend to be not as impactual as they are with as IOS." (Duffy). The modularity of Junos is what makes it a cut above the rest. Junos has a modular OS, Junos uses separate module to do the specified
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