Computer Numerical Control Machines

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They utilize pre-programmed set of commands that are sent to an internal computer, which facilitates industrial units to manufacture parts precisely and rapidly. There are various types of CNC machines from drills to plasma cutters available in the market to manufacture extensive range of components. However mostly they are designed for industrial use, but for domestic use, smaller forms of these devices are also available.
Types of Machines
The most familiar types of CNC devices are milling machines, lathes, and grinders. Milling machines cut materials (such as metal) automatically. These machines have a cutting spindle; it moves to shape material with the directions of the computer commands. These machines are mainly useful in making detailed cuttings in symmetrical parts, such as cylinders and cones.
Grinders grind down materials, and turn metal or plastic into the required shape, using a spinning wheel. They can also be programmed easily. CNC routers are useful in cutting various materials; computer programmed turret punches are used to create holes in plastic or metal.
Programming and Operation
The code used to program CNC machines, is broadly known as G-Code. It has all the necessary instructions for the machine like where and how to position…
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