Computer Operating And Networking Systems

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Identify the computer operating and networking systems used in the company
We are using windows 7 and 8 on all PC for our company, 2003 network servers. It comes a time for change and IPv6 is it, so we have to be prepared for it. Our company has about 100 personnel who needs network access. If we are in need more IP’s or the company grows, we might be in trouble. We need to quickly change to the latest version, from IPv4 to IPv6 in order to keep the network and company in a place for future growth. IPv6 has been around since about 1995, and some companies have been testing it, it is installed on the unit, and enabled by default, but most people have not activated it. Windows 7 and 8 and servers 2003 all are ready for upgrade to the IPv6 network setting. As we know IPv4 only give you 4 billion some user and are completed, the new version IPv6 has an unlimited number of addresses to use, with hope of not running out.
The pros and cons of IPv6 over the use of IPv4 IPv6 are better security, since the security for IPSEC is built into IPv6 upgrade; more available IP address, since we are switching from a 32 bit system to a 128 bit protocol; IP address can be close to an unlimited number and should not run out, but as with IPv4, it could happen; better and faster service for video screaming, games, and video conferencing since the UDP will work much better for screaming of video quality of services; and an auto configuration of all router on the system and it has a larger…
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