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Computer Power Group Case Analysis Evaluate CPG’s brand portfolio and architecture Founded in 1968, Computer Power Group (CPG) was Australia’s largest publicly listed information technology service company. In the mid - to late 1980s, CPG went beyond IT consulting and by incorporating many Australasian companies in the IT education, training, services, staffing, software, and resourcing domains. CPG made acquisitions in the Unites States, United Kingdom and other places through out the world. CPG was establishing itself broadly in the IT marketplace. By 1998, CPG Corporate controlled seven branded businesses that were each managed as separate companies. CPG Corporate’s senior managers had no ties to the individual operating…show more content…
Parity People had high reputation and loyalty among its contractors. Computer People (CP) specifically focused on high volume, low-margin business and is one of the largest resourcing companies in Australia and Southeast Asia. They attract large corporate clients. Equus serves a general niche market by focusing its efforts permanent placements because of the higher margin returns. Its focus is the elite end of the IT professional placement market. Evaluate each brand’s identity Computer Power Group Corporate has an overall good reputation for providing quality services however, because it has so many brands under it, users are confused as to specific goal and vision this company has. Computer Power Group Pty Ltd is specifically know for its high quality IT services. Because it primarily only contracts with public service and government sectors, it is not well know outside of Canberra. Management Technology Education (MTE) is a well-known corporate IT training company that provides quality trainers. MTE spends 2.2 million on direct mail and print advertising. Computer Power Training Institute (CPTI) is seen as a good place to take junior level IT courses due to the fact that it has free placement. CPTI has a large marketing budget. CPTI is the place to go for a new future. Computer Power Advanced Systems Institute (CPAS) is not well known, values for this company are not clear. Users see it as a place for older men
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