Computer Program Debugging

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Problem Several friends and I have designed a program that chronicles and rates every movie we have ever watched. This composed list is well over 2000 movies and is used more as a personal reference guide then as a public source of information. The programming design for this project was kept simple and basic, but upon tests run of this program many bugs have been discovered and a debugging procedure is now needed. Role of the Personnel Although I designed and wrote the entire program, my two other friends supplied their data with a spreadsheet that contains all their movies, their rating, and a one sentence summary of their experience. I gathered and compiled all of this information onto one working document. It is also my responsibility to debug the program. Debugging Process Debugging can be tedious and painful if you don't set up your programs to help you debug them. The first step is to relook at the code and ensure that it is all important and necessary. I am often reluctant to throw out bad code that I have written and re-write it. One reason is that code that's written feels like completed work, and throwing it out feels like going backward. But when debugging, rewriting the code can seem more appealing because you're probably saving yourself time spent debugging by spending a bit more time coding. It is important to rewrite only the parts that really need it. Before a bug can be fixed, the source of the bug must be located. For example, with segmentation
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