Computer Programming In Primary And Secondary Education.

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Computer Programming in Primary and Secondary Education
Dylan Baiko

It is important for students to come out of grade school equipped with skills relevant to today’s society. Therefore, computer programming should be full integrated into school curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12. Today’s society is becoming more and more reliant on computer technology. It is a tool used everywhere and it is impotent to understand how it works in our daily lives. Therefore, computer programming is a necessary skill for everyone to have. Learning this skill is important as it builds critical thinking and algorithmic problem solving skills. These are important life skills as they allow people to better contribute to society. This means that anyone,
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This would allow schools to implement curriculums that teach computer programming and other programs (like Microsoft Office, etc.) in parallel as students get into higher grades. A counter argument to this would be that computers and computer programming is too complicated for students of such a young age to learn. While it is true that programming in a professional setting involves learning complicated programming languages and syntax, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible for students in grades as early as kindergarten to learn basic programming skills. For example, various “Educational programming languages (EPLs), such as Scratch and E-toys, have been developed for K–12 students . . . These EPLs use a tile scripting based on a graphic user interface as a coding method, instead of typing text commands. This makes the instructions easy to learn and helps students reduce syntax errors” (Shim 1). Therefore, integrating computer programming into even the earliest grades in school would be possible. Another counter argument to integrating computer programming in school is that kids, especially young ones, tend to spend too much time on computers and other electronic devices, and frequently spending time on computers to learn computer programming will only encourage this. It is true that if computer programming was taught in schools, this would make it so kids are introduced to computers at a
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