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Scenario 1
(Home office PC)

Using the specification given on the task sheet I will recommend hardware, software and peripherals Paul can use in order to achieve the work-style given (Home-based office). I will take into consideration the constraints; such as lack of space in his ‘small box room’. As a postage destination is not included, I will only include the retail price of the product without p&p.


According to Paul’s requirements he requires a printer, scanner and a photocopier. As a compact solution I have chosen an all-in-one PSC (Printer Scanner Copier), which I have listed below.

{HP Deskjet F380}

Cost: £19.99
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There is little or none weight difference between these models. As the dimensions are not supplied a direct comparison cannot be made between them; though it is quite clear from the images that this printer is longer in width.


Paul’s requirements also specify that he may be working with documents containing pictures, diagrams and/or presentations. As these are the types of documents which are supported by Microsoft® Office™ I will recommend it to Paul.

Microsoft Office 2007 – Small Business Edition

Cost: £132.77 (exc. VAT)

This edition of the Office series includes Accounting Express 2008, Publisher 2007 and Outlook 2007 all of which are add-ons over the Standard and Home and Student editions. Additionally, or more conveniently, this copy of Office can be installed on more amounts of machines – which can be an advantage if Paul decides to expand his business in the future.

I would suggest an alternative, but there is no need to. This is one of the lowest priced Office 2007 with the functionality which Paul’s small business would both require and benefit from.


As Paul requires a high-speed internet connection, enabling him to download and upload his work, I conclude that a parallel broadband would best-suit

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