Computer Related Health Problems and Solutions

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If many of us were asked what one thing has had the greatest impact on our lives in modern times, we would likely say the computer. Over the past twenty years or so, computers have gone from being monstrous curiosities taking up the entire space in large rooms, to relatively small boxes on almost every desk. Along with smaller size and lower prices has come an explosion in the number of computers . The speed and efficiency of the computers has made most businesses and institutions dependent on the technology. As a result, many people spend a large part of their time working with computers. The relatively recent advent of the widespread availability of the Internet has meant that even those individuals who don’t use computers at work likely…show more content…
Sitting on the computer chair half a day can cause pain in the knees. Pain in the knees can be caused by the fact that when the chair has been adjusted to the correct height to allow the fingers to be horizontal to the keys, the feet are left unsupported. If transcription is carried out it is better to have a large surface area on the footrest and the ability to keep this level to support the footswitch. Pain in the knees can also be caused by a seat that is too long resulting in pressure behind the knees. Painful wrists or fingers often occur when the chair is not adjusted to the correct height to allow a perfect L shape between the shoulder, elbow and wrist, if the wrists are bent up or down then the fingers are not horizontal to the keys or the mouse, the clicking finger is not horizontal to the control mechanism and the wrist is left unsupported. Striking the keys too hard or excessive mouse use can also cause painful fingers or by not keeping the mouse close enough to the body. Ideally a mouse should be used directly in front of the shoulder and as close to the body as possible. Another syndrome more recently recognized and associated primarily with the Internet is depression. A recent study found a high degree of correlation between
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