Computer, Robotics, And Automation Are Driving More And More Of Production

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Computers, robotics, and automation are driving more and more of production. In turn this is leading to an enormous impact on the number and type of jobs. An Australian report released in June 2015 found that 40 per cent of the Australian workforce – or around 5 million jobs – are at high risk of being replaced by computers in the next 10-15 years. This backs up the Oxford Martin School’s 2013 study finding 47 per cent of jobs in the United States are at risk of being automated using artificial intelligence. We need to move urgently from a discussion about protecting the jobs of today, to creating the jobs of the future.1 3.2 Commercialisation and innovation There are significant emerging opportunities and challenges for commercialisation and innovation resulting from technological changes to becoming a more sustainable, broad- based economy: Reducing the tyranny of distance, boosting trade and creating new business models but also promoting outsourcing of work overseas. Internationalising labour markets are expanding the skilled labour pool. Developing commercially functional goods and services from new technologies often takes a lot longer than expected. Leveraging clean technologies to improve sustainability. Fostering entrepreneurship and addressing constraints for Kiwi companies. Addressing slow uptake of new technology due to redundancy risks or ease of sticking with the status quo and supporting workforce mobility. Managing business change in a disruptive and

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