Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence

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Computer Science

Computer science can be defined as a many number of technological variables, but is primarily defined as the science and processes of information processing in computer hardware and software, as well as its applications within. Computer science is comprised of many aspects that form a larger whole, that take a practical and theoretical approach to the capabilities of computers and how they process input and output information. With computers being conceived as early as the 1830’s, their capabilities have grown exponentially throughout the course of the 20th century, with many aspects of computer science becoming commonplace for the modern consumer. For the purposes of this report, the aspects of computer science that will be covered are formal languages and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the theory that a technological system such as computers are able to independently perform tasks that would normally require the operation of a human being to achieve. The primary goal of an artificial intelligence system in a machine is to autonomously make decisions based on its perceived environment and efficiently complete a range of given tasks. Artificial intelligence in all forms seeks to mimic aspects and functions of human interaction and cognitive reception, and in doing so, the machines adapt to these functions and become a standardised system. Such technologies initially serve as an exemplary…
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