Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence

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In the book “Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence” by the National Research council staff, and published by National Academies Press, they talk about the importance of Artificial intelligence in the department of defense, especially in this day and age. They talk about how AI could help increase national security while reducing the risk for humans in hostile environments (ch.2 pg. 14). Along with that, it states that if we could advance far enough, the goal is to entirely replace the need to risk human life or injury in hostile places by creating robot surrogates that are programmed to behave in a socially acceptable way. With the combination of humans and remote controlled robots we could productively and safely fulfil necessary functions in very dangerous places. Also mentioned is the high quality and speedy production of systems, computers, and other technologies. Automated production technology is considered inexpensive and effective. To add on to what the National Council has said, I think that it’s rapid, reliable production is a wonderful way of protecting and defending ourselves, some people might argue that these robots are just machinery that costs money and are replacing our jobs, but I believe that the value of a human life is much more expensive than the technology protecting us. Contrary to popular belief, technology like this isn’t as expensive as usually perceived, in fact, according to the book “computer science and artificial intelligence” the
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