Computer Science And Education : Computers

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Computer Science in Education As the people of the world change, the skills that are necessary to survive do as well. Every time a new technology is invented and inserted into everyday use, it is expected of people to learn to use it in order to progress. For example, when shoes with laces were invented and popularized, people were taught at a very early age how to tie them, and it is now common knowledge to know how to tie shoelaces into a bow. Now there is a new technology that the world is becoming more and more familiar with. That technology is the computer. Computers are used in everyday life to do so many tasks by so many people; if they were to disappear for a day, the entire world would be in complete chaos. For this reason, people have had to learn to operate and use many different types of computers in many different devices such as phones, printers, personal computers, etc. In addition to learning to use these new technologies, people have had an increasing need to learn to make, repair, design, and improve these technologies. However, there is a problem. In order to learn how to make new programs to use, put information out on the internet, or do a number of other things that there is a common need and desire for, a person needs to learn to read and write computer codes. Education on this subject generally isn’t taught to people unless they have a specific interest in it and seek it out themselves, via colleges or a class that not every high school offers.
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