Computer Science And Medicine Or Art Science

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The STEM related fields have always tended to be predominantly male; engineering and my major of interest-- computer science are composed mainly of male students. These fields have just recently started seeing more and more women pursuing them. Computer Science is an amazing field and offers a variety of opportunities in terms of how it can be applied; it can be a combination of computer science and another field-- computer science and medicine or art/design. There are endless possibilities as to what future technology can be developed and what new ideas can be created because of engineers, but if the field remains mostly comprised of men then we’re missing out on the many ideas that the female side and perspective may have to offer.
Learning about Corrinne Yu was enlightening because not only is she an engineer but she’s one of the best in her field, whether it be through gaming, physics, or mechanics. It’s refreshing to hear about a woman changing the standards so drastically in a male-oriented industry like that of gaming because from my experiences girls who play video games are considered doing it for attention or the male approval rather than the idea that we generally enjoy just playing the game. Knowing that some of the designs that transformed the way gaming is now ran was due to her incredible ability, gave me a lot of hope and ambition to strive to be able to do half of what she was capable of. While doing my research on her, I knew when I checked the comments on
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