Computer Science As A Computer Programmer

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For many years, I have been interested in studying computer science to become a computer programmer. Since I moved to the United States, my passion for computing developed while I was trying to find something to do keep myself busy after losing the freedom I had in my country as a child. My parents always said that I 'm addicted to my computer but what they never understood was why my computer was my best friend. Curiosity is the main reason. I 've always wondered how the internet is operated and how numbers, symbols, and the rest appear on a screen such as Microsoft. Nowadays, hoaxers will use a video of a celebrity from places like YouTube and play it on Skype and it will seem like the person and the celebrity are having a conversation. Internet hoaxers use the improvement of technology as an opportunity to dupe others. They steal someone’s information online and use it to steal money from their bank accounts. Some of these hoaxers will act as employers; targeting individuals seeking jobs offering them a huge amount of money. The trick is that in such a case the individual will receive an email of the job offer and the hoaxer will send a check to the job seeker’s address to secure the job and to buy work equipment from an online website. When the check is deposited into an account, and used, the hoaxer will never be heard from; whilst the individual is now enshrined in debt as the bank will discover it was all a fraud. Building a cyber-security system that can
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