Computer Science As A Science

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Computer science spans the range from theory through programming to cutting-edge development of computing solutions. Computer science offers a foundation to adapt new technologies and new ideas. It has become one of the booming fields in the world. So this inspired me to pursue computer science as major field. Many individuals have an aspiration to be a part of this highly coveted field and I am one of those. My passion in the Computer Science developed ever since I was in school and inspired by seminar of innovation of computer. I learnt that this is the technology which changes the world every second to second. The connection with this e-world encourage me to enhance my study in computer science as my master study as it has become my area of interest. Academically I have a virtuous record; been an excellent student and chalked up good scores. I had a natural attraction towards computers, this started from the games & other basic apps like paint, notepad from the early childhood. My secondary school education was from SUNFLOWER HIGH SCHOOL where I chose computer as co-curricular subject. My higher secondary school education was from SHIV ASHISH BOARDING SCHOOL where my major subjects were Maths, Physics, chemistry. I paid very much attention on my board exam and able to secure admission in AHMEDABAD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY for bachelors in Computer Engineering. The days of my undergraduate study helped me to get essential knowledge and a better grasp
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