Computer Science At The University Of Arkansas At Little Rock

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I did my Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET). From the very beginning I took every opportunity to get specialized in various areas of computer science and engineering. Very recently I have completed my first semester of study towards the MS degree in Computer Science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I have successfully completed project works in trending areas of artificial intelligence, image processing and network security. I have over two years of professional experience focused on distributed and cloud computing from several reputed Information Technology oriented companies in my country. My academic and research interest include the…show more content…
Other notable works during that timeframe includes the design and implementation of a 16 channel computer based logic analyzer to analyze logic state of a digital communication channel. It was capable to detect frequency up to 10 Mhz. The most difficult part in this project was USB interfacing between microcontroller and computer which was needed to get the real time logic state output in the computer screen. So I designed and programmed a USB driver that enable the data communication between computer and Logic analyzer. Apart from that I developed a sound understanding on modern telecommunication system and computer infrastructure which drives our business and technology centric lifestyle. I paid attention on the practical implementation of those technologies in a number of projects and explored various areas of research such as data encryption and network security. In summary I wanted to explore the root of knowledge and conduct deeper research in those areas. Since then, I cherished to pursue graduate studies so that I would be able to research independently. Besides developing a mindset to be a future researcher, I have gathered extensive teaching experience. In my college years I used to be a mentor and I had taught hundreds of students in various coaching centers in Dhaka. I secured a technical education board
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