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Over the past few years, hackers have made numerous shadowy attacks to remain undetected throughout companies crippled security in effort for them to build a stronger protection platform. In 2013, hackers breached and disabled multiple sections of the electric grid in the United States. This mayhem unleashed was simulated but it warned the government to take action on the growing threats of cyberattacks and they did so. Bryn Nelson (2014) confirms a problem as he uses experts like president Obama who stated that cyberattacks were called one of the most serious economic and national security challenges that the United States faces in today’s world (p. 517). If different web platforms don’t take action, then it would be very catastrophic for…show more content…
Externally, hackers gather information for their own personal gain and to pose a great threat from outside of the business or person’s home because they can find access into the system a lot easier with new advanced technology. Over time, computer hacking has grown into something that is essentially a worldwide problem in countries like North Korea, Russia, the United States, and China that is. Overall, some of these countries are trying to eliminate and capture hackers and produce a stronger, more secure-based program for all of the computer platforms. By taking these hackers off the market it can control the large amount of hackers that are roaming around the internet looking for an open system to invade and get information from. In other words, people throughout the world can claim that hackers that hack people and businesses are doing the world justice by exploiting what they are hiding from the public. That’s false. The fact is, that people and businesses do it so they can have a form of privacy outside of just printing and storing some documents that could end up getting lost.
People and businesses aren’t practicing safe habits by using unbreachable security systems. This is one of many different reasons hackers have an upper hand when it comes to entering their systems. No matter how safe they think they are, they really aren’t with the lack of coding for different platforms or just overall protection.
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