Computer Science, Indexed Color

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Indexed images
In computer science, indexed color is a technique to handle color digital images in a limited way, in order to save computer memory and file storage, while updating the screen and transferring telecommunications speeds. When an image is encoded in this way, color information is not routed directly to pixel pixel image but is stored in a piece of parcel called separate data: an array of color elements where each element, one element Color, is indexed by its position within the matrix. Thus, each pixel contains complete information to represent their color, but only its index in the palette. This technique is sometimes referred as pseudocolor or indirect color, as colors are addressed indirectly [18].

2.4 Related work
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The paper was demonstrated by Reel et al. [22] of the heuristic analysis of characters and a number of serial numbers of Indian currency notes to recognition of currency notes. To distinguish a character from a given currency image, there is require to extract feature descriptors of such image. As an extraction technique significantly affects the quality of entire OCR process, it is very significant to extract features, which will be invariant towards the different light conditions, employ font type and deformations of characters caused by a distort of the image. Heuristic analysis of characters is complete for this reason to get the precise features of characters previous feature extraction in currency recognition.
The survey was focused by Pawade et al. [23] on existing techniques and systems for currency recognition stands on image processing. They have discussed both invent recognition and paper currency recognition techniques separately. Finally they summarized their work in tabular form which is very cooperative for study at a glance. Even though there is lot of research work done on this topic, still there are a number of issues related to the accuracy and efficiency of the method. Thus achieving maximum efficiency and getting 100% correctness for heterogeneous currency, when physical state of currency is not that much good, will always be a defy for researchers.
The review was demonstrated by Ali and
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