Computer Science Is Not A Basic Complexity

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Only 5% of United States high schools teach computer science, the study of the principles and use of computers, despite its critical importance. Even as the enrollment in science, technology, engineering, and math classes have increased in the past 20 years, the number of students enrolled in computer science has actually decreased. This can be attributed to the neglect exhibited by schools on computer science. In these 20 years, 1 billion computers have been built which makes computer science “integrated”: so baked into human life that it is not surprising to encounter, with social, technological, and futuristic aspects of the world. Unlike other integrated disciplines such as English or math, computer science is not a required course in…show more content…
Universities are already starting to require computer science classes, but this creates the question: How should computer science courses be implemented in education before University? An optimal solution must teach social problem solving skills, increase the functionality of technology, and provide an understanding of the future. The time at which computer science is introduced must also be considered to ensure students have enough prior background knowledge in other related disciplines and a basic understanding of what computer can and cannot do. In order to properly implement computer science in education, it should be required in high school education and teach the ubiquitous relationship that computer science has with the social, technological, and futuristic aspects of the world.
Computer science is bound to have social impacts because of its ubiquitous nature. The most influential of these impacts is the introduction of computational thinking. Computational Thinking is a process that generalizes a solution to open ended problems. Open-ended problems encourage full, meaningful answers based on multiple variables, which are derived using abstraction and automation. When solving open ended problems, computer scientists abstract notions from both the physical and theoretical worlds. Unlike mathematical notions which only consider theory, computer science combines both
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