Computer Science Is The Study Of Principals And How The Computers

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Computer Science is the study of principals and how the computers works. Which leads to computer programming. What is computer programming? Well computer programing is a process that leads from an original formulation of computing problem to executable computer programs. You wonder why this is so important to everybody, but it is very important since things you will use in your daily life had to be programmed to be able to work. For example writing this paper I am using Microsoft Word which had to be programed so I can use it to write my papers. How many people knew that everything had to be coded for it to work? What types of degrees can you get for computer programming? It’s a good idea to get an IT degree (How to Become par. 3). You…show more content…
While you are in the programming portion of getting your degree there are a ton of different languages that you can take and learn. As a computer programmer there is always new languages to learn and even to refresh yourself on. Computer scientist seem like they are always going to school since they are always trying to keep up to date with the newest languages or even just keeping up with all of the new technology. There are hundreds of different languages out there that anyone could learn if they had the time and patience to learn it all. COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) is one of the oldest languages that there is out there (COBOL par. 1). Out of those there are Java, Python, C, C++, Ruby and JavaScript (Kim). Do you know what the most common programming languages were in 2010? Well if you don’t know they are C++, Java, JavaScript C# and finally Visual Basic (Programming Languages par.3) For example you will see java everywhere, it is one of the most commonly taught languages that is good to learn if you want to become a programmer. As you start your classes, you will start with the fairly easy programs during school and then get into the harder programs. Also according to COBOL this is the first high level language that makes it almost seem like being a human (par. 1). “COBOL was first created in 1959 by Conference on Data Systems Languages” (Li, Abraham par. 2). COBOL presents itself some advantages
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