Computer Science Statement Of Purpose Statement

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Statement of Purpose
Nabin Giri
December 8, 2016

In imminent future, I expect computer science being used as a tool, as mathematics is used, will be responsible for various research breakthroughs in all the science fields.
If James Demmel (Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics) is right, then parallel computing is the only way forward for the computing industry. It’s hard to think of any applications other than simple GUI’s where parallel processing is not helpful. From servers of all kinds, games, artificial intelligence, image/video processing, analytics, simulation and modeling; the entire trend surely shows parallelism is a future in the computing. For illustration, almost all fields of science collect and analyze a large amount
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I have created numerous work instructions as a part of the knowledge sharing program for various known issues in windows and VMWare environment. I have also created Root Cause Analysis documentation with peer and senior’s review for future references. In addition; I have delivered many lectures and technical lessons to new recruits through VOIP, video conference and physical classes. I was also a SPoC(Single Point of Contact) for auditing infrastructure of a client ,to sustain a safe and smooth operation of the infrastructure environment in daily basis.

A few months ago, when I was working late, out of office hours, doing patching of windows servers, I realized I needed to upgrade my skill and gain more experience and exposure to an excellent professional and research environment. Thus, I decided to pursue my master’s degree. Upon graduation from master’s degree, I wish to pursue my academic with PhDs in computer science.

Moreover, taking part in the masters program at Koc University is a perfect opportunity to learn from best faculty, world-class study and research atmosphere, exceptional peers and excellent infrastructures which will help me to achieve my ambition.

My ultimate goal is to become a successful researcher in the computer science field who can contribute to the development of science and technology and instruct students in Computer Science related
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