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Computer Science Tutorials Tutorials: Computer Science is an extremely complex and varied subject. It is thus that some independent learning is valuable to those seeking to expand the breadth of their working knowledge. The tutorials evaluated here provide a demonstration of this value, offering information that is both practical and of broader conceptual importance in the context of modern business orientation. It is thus that I have selected for evaluation the tutorials on Secure Networking Protocols, Bluetooth and Mobile IP. Each of these offers insight into an area of computing that is essential to effective business enterprising today. Specific Business Needs: The Secure Networking Protocols tutorial speaks directly to the need for businesses conducting significant ecommerce activities to ensure the protection of sensitive information both relating to the company and to its clients. According to the tutorial in question, "as HTTP and the web became popular, it became clear that it was important, particularly for web-based transactions, to verify, for example, who is receiving your credit card information." In light of this, the tutorial identifies modes such as cryptography that can be used to prevent hacking of personal information as well as identifying secure applications such TSL, SSL, PGP and SSH that can help to reduce this threat. Bluetooth is another technology that has become an increasingly standard instrument for the seamless negotiation of

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