Computer Science vs Computer Engineering

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Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering

Moving from High School to college is often a rollercoaster on the mind of most students. After the appliance and acceptance process, we then encounter a bigger question: What will our major be? As a computer and technology lover, I had a hard time understanding and choosing between computer science and computer engineering; even though I already knew that I wanted to study computers. People often think that studying computer science is the same as studying computer engineering, but these two important fields of computing are significantly different. I decided to start doing some research on the main differences between both and ended up realizing that I was not the only one on this dark road.
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However, getting these jobs can become a bigger deal than it may seem because it puts you in charge of how things go technologically. So if a small mistake is made, be ready to take the blame for it.
As a computer scientist, you can expect to be able to get a job in different areas of the tech world. You are able to get a job as a Software Architect, Information Technology consultant, Project Manager, Information Technology (IT), Database Administrator (DBA), Information Technology (IT) Manager, Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT), Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET), Software Developer, Network Engineer, Information Technology Specialist, and many others around the computer field. Or you could just end up building the world 's most popular social network. Most people call it Facebook but I renamed it to waste-all-your-time-doing-nothing-book! Anyways, that is an irrelevant topic; and yes Mark Zuckerberg was a computer science major who dropped out of Harvard in 2004. On the other hand, a computer engineer will sometimes be able to get some of the jobs a computer scientist is able to because CEN covers a bit of CS. So if you have a bachelor in CEN and a minor in CS or a bachelor in both, you are pretty much unstoppable in the tech world. As a computer engineer you can work as a Hardware Engineer, Systems Engineer/Analyst, Embedded Systems Engineer, Network engineer, etc. Steve “The Woz"
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