Computer Security And Information Assurance

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The academic disciplines of computer security and information assurance emerged along with numerous professional organizations – all sharing the common goals of ensuring the security and reliability of information systems.
ROT5 is a practice similar to ROT13 that applies to numeric digits (0 to 9). ROT13 and ROT5 can be used together in the same message.
ROT47 is a derivative of ROT13 which, in addition to scrambling the basic letters, also treats numbers and common symbols. Instead of using the sequence A–Z as the alphabet, ROT47 uses a larger set of characters from the common character encoding known as ASCII.
Specifically, the 7-bit printable characters, excluding space from decimal 33 '! ' through 126 '~ ', 94 in total, taken in the order of the numerical values of their ASCII codes, are rotated by 47 positions, without special consideration to case.
For example, the character A is mapped to p, while a is mapped to 2. The use of a larger alphabet produces an obfuscation than that of ROT13; for example, a telephone number such as +1(positive)-(negative)415-(negative)839-(negative)6885 is not obvious at first sight from the scrambled result Z`c`dgbheggd.
On the other hand, because ROT47 introduces numbers and symbols into the mix without discrimination, it is more immediately obvious that the text has been enciphered.
The Mora Brothers felt that the Constitution guaranteed basic privacy and confidentiality, they also saw this being tossed out the window recently by…
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