Computer Security

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Setting up a new computer can be a very intimidating task. There are several steps to ensure that your computer has the necessary setup for the best protection. Some of which include, the operating system settings that are built-into the computer, properly setup of firewall, security settings on the web browser configured correctly, and strong anti-virus software installed to protect the computer. After the computer is setup with a reasonable standard of security, a strong policy for passwords should be implemented to ensure account security along with ensuring the sites you utilize are in fact secure and who they say they are.
I have just purchased a MacBook Air with operating system OS X El Capitan Version 10.11. The first thing I will
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Phishing is when cybercriminals set up a fraudulent website posing as a legitimate one in attempts to steal your personal information. Under the AutoFill tab none of the options will be selected, this is because I do not want Safari to automatically fill in forms on webpages using my personal information. This will prevent Safari from saving my user names, passwords, and credit card number. In order to continue being safe while surfing the internet I will have to occasionally run Safari’s update to keep my operating system up to date and secure.
Once I have finished with the security setting for my web browser I can access my online bank account. I have an account with Capital One bank, and I must first verify that I accessing the real Capital One website and not a phishing site. Typing will take me to the legitimate web page. I can verify that this is indeed a legitimate web page because the address bar has turned green and the first letters of the web address include https. The green bar is a visual statement for showing that the bank's certificates have been validated against third parties and it is trusted. Also, the image of a padlock in the address bar has turned green. If you click on the padlock it will let you know that Safari is using an encrypted connection. Encryption ensures that communications between my browser to the company’s server are kept private by converting the data into codes. This way my information will not be
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