Computer Service Team Case

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Computer Service Team Case Introduction The experiment John initiates with the Computer Service Team is one destined to not succeed as there isn't enough of a foundation set for leaderless leadership to succeed. His highly egalitarian nature and charisma makes the department excel based on transformational leadership skills he has. He doesn't see this and mistakes the internal motivation as being innate when it is not nearly as strong as he suspects. As a result, the team falters as it cycles through leaders. Analysis of the Case The goals of the department are to integrate systems to provide quality service to internal customers while also striving to deliver exceptional levels of guidance and support on complex system implementations. The depth of expertise in the team is significant, with many of the technicians being exceptionally talented with the Apple Macintosh operating system, others very skilled in IBM systems and their integration technologies. In short, the entire service centre is staffed with very knowledgeable, highly autonomous employees who are accustomed to working on their own. They are known for creating and completing their own project plans, and managing a series of conflicting priorities often with not allowing one to slip. The more senior employees see the effort to create a more egalitarian work structure as an exercise in futility as they realize that the support from any leader is what matters most. These teams of technicians need a

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