Computer Shop Feasibility Study

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Sari-sari stores are small neighborhood retail outlets that dot the urban and rural landscape. Theyallow procurement of necessities within easy walking distance avoiding the need for transportation. Sari-sari stores account for 90% of the retail outlets in the Philippines. They have been around to make money for countless small proprietors. It is a business worth considering for a gradual entrepreneurship take off.
Estimated Investment Cost
(based on 2009 prices)

I. Products a. Drygoods (quantity, cost/piece, cost): y Sardines (big), 30 @P28.00 ± P 840.00 y Sardines (small), 30 @12.00 ± 360.00 y Corned beef, 30 @26.00 ± 780.00 y Tuna, 30 @28.00 ± 840.00 y Pineapple juice, 30 @20.00 ± 600.00 y Creamer /sachet), 60 @2.50 ±
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Mission The E & J Farms will create an environmentally friendly identity through undertaking the proper and efficient way of waste disposals to avoid harming and distorting others. The E & J Farms will introduce its environmental friendly BioGas facility through using the hogs’ waste, by converting these waste into useful mathaine gas. * 10. The E & J Farms will undergo expansion after five years through constructing additional building and adding parent stocks for the purpose of increasing their productiion to supply larger amount in the demand supply gap * 11. CHAPTER III PROJECT BACKGROUND * 12. Name of the Proposed Business: E & J FarmsNature of the business: Hogs ProductionType of business organization: Sole ProprietorshipLocation of the project: Kaysuyo, Alfonso, CaviteProject Background * 13. Source of Capital Funding of E & J Farms’ general operation and other financial demands will be sourced from the savings of the proprietor. Mr. Jandel A. Gimeno will invest P 4,600,000 in the business.

2 * 14. Proposed Name of the Business “E & J Farms” will be the name of the business as agreed upon by the proponents. The proponents adopted the letters E and J from the name of the proprietor’s parents, Efren and Jovita Gimeno. * 15. The project will adopt a sole proprietorship type of business organization. Sole proprietorship type of business organization is one which is owned and run by an

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