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Pre-Feasibility Study Internet Café
PREF-48/July, 2002/REV May 2006/2
1.1 Project Brief
This objective of this document is to provide information regarding investment opportunity for setting up an Internet Café, with focus on product differentiation i.e., providing some unique services (Video/Audio Chat, Web Developing) which are not offered by a typical
Internet Café. The business can be established in any of the major cities of the country.
1.2 Opportunity Rationale
In a short period of three decades, computer has become a household item all around the world. With the introduction of Internet, in the 90s, computers became a significant medium to communicate with people around the world. It became a source of information
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Looking at the existing internet cafés operating in different cities of Pakistan, it can be inferred that all of them are providing very traditional services. Most of the customers use internet for that purpose. The hardware being employed by majority of the cafés is usually not the latest one. Naturally, the quality of the service is not of the required standards and can be improved substantially.
3.1 Key Success Factors
The common viability of this Internet café depends on the following factors:
 Location of the project: Location of the project is of prime importance. If the project is set up in a location with high income group, the amount of traffic on the café will be less because majority of the people will have personal computers at their home. A project like this can really do well in places, where the majority of people living are from middle income group, who cannot afford a personal computer. Another location can be near private hostels setup in different areas of cities.  Unique Services: Majority of the internet cafes are operating on a similar kind of services. If the proposed setup is opened with a strategy of differentiation, it can be more successful i.e. video/Audio chat

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