Computer Simulation And Computer Programming

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A long time ago, when I used computer for the first time. I played a computer game called Logo in 3rd grade, which inclined me towards computer. The first day we tried the program, we had trouble actually moving the darned triangle on the screen. We were supposed to draw a geometric shape with the little triangle character, which the teacher called a "turtle”. Movement was slow and unwieldy. We took turns to type in step-by-step commands, such as "rotate 90" or "pen up". But the question is who was drawing it, which fascinates me. The teacher answered it is microcomputers to draw beautiful, creative art. The terms microcomputer, processors etc. made me crazy for computer.

Few areas of my education have stimulated me to think as much as my undergraduate courses in Discrete Structures, Computer graphics, Neural networks, System Programming, Microprocessor, Compiler construction and design, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms design and analysis, Theory of Computation and Computer Programming. Here are innovations that keep evolving not only technically but also hold infinite scope for creativity and logic. I feel a similar sense of exhilaration when I see my own code run successfully. It is this feeling, which till date, drives me to not give up on even the toughest of problems. And it is this love for programming, combined with my desire to dig deeper into the working of various applications and technologies, which propels me to apply for a Graduate Program in computer…
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