Computer Software Engineering : The Future?

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Computer Software Engineering: The future? Computers are a tool that we as human beings are learning to use and are accustomed to. Humans are relying on them more and more everyday to get them to their destination or to make an important phone call to mom. Computer software engineers are the people that make the computers and mobile devices able to be used. Without software a computer or mobile device is just a piece of metal or plastic like a paperweight. Windows and Mac OS were designed by these people. Computer software engineers are becoming more needed throughout the computer driven United States and other countries. These engineers have a job that is rather difficult to do. According to TryEngineering,” Computer software engineers…show more content…
So as our world is becoming more reliable on computers and technology. More and more people are going to be able to work on and design computers and program it. The world has become so reliable on technology such as computers and mobile devices that the governments are spying on citizens using computer hacking software. Most people have some type of communication device such as an iPhone on them at least 14 hours a day. On average a person spends eight hours on their device. Now a lot of jobs are becoming outdated. Yet some are rising up and need people to fill them. Job growth for a computer software engineer is 22 percent by 2022. In 2012 there was over a million jobs in this field. It expected to grow immensely and at much faster rate than average. The reason for this growth is a large increase in the demand for computer software. (Summary ) Many businesses are turning to technology to further their success. Not only local and small businesses are looking for software engineers. Huge corporate industries such as Apple, Dell, and Google are looking to hire these people. They are going to constantly look for new bodies to fill positions. Working at these huge corporations engineers will not be taking on the entire load. Teams will work together on their certain assignments. Working at places like Apple secrecy is also key because they like to bring surprises to the table. To work for these corporate businesses people need a great education.
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