Computer Software Packages And Administrative Office Automation

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8 years of specialized experience in customer service, computer software packages and administrative office automation while serving as a visual information specialist and Operations Manager for staffs ranging from 14 to 200 in the U.S. Marine Corps. Utilizes advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, databases and clerical skills to produce word documents, PowerPoints, graphics and send electronic mail to internal and external customers while supporting 6 major military installations.

Utilized Microsoft Office Suite 2013 on a daily basis while performing administrative tasks for an organizations ranging from 14 to 200 in size while assigned to 3 military units. Combined knowledge gained as a photojournalist with innate clerical aptitude to flawlessly draft, edit and proofread correspondence, memorandums and reports created in Microsoft Word; originating at least 8 documents weekly and reviewing over 20 from staff members before routing to executives for review and signing.
Created and maintained 10 Excel worksheets that supported a vast array of requirements to include personnel administration, data and statistic logs, and future planning schedules. Obtained and securely stored employee names, social security numbers, emergency contact information as well as other necessary information. Generated a daily and weekly worksheet that inventoried employee specific manpower hours and consumable usage, which were inputted into access database…
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