Computer Software Technology For Early Childhood Developmental Learning Processes For ( Pre K ) Children Ages 1-6

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Linda Walker ENG 333 Y1 Professor Johnson August 5, 2015 To what extent does computer software technology assist in early childhood developmental learning processes for (Pre-K) children ages 3-5? Introduction Advances in technology since my children were born have always fascinated me. My fondest memories were traveling with the children in the car-prior to technology’s takeover. We would sing and talk to one another during this time. We were fortunate to live in an area close where we did not have to travel great distances to and from school, shopping, dance lessons, tennis, soccer, karate, church or the movies. We biked to Parrot Jungle, traveled through Snapper Creek Lakes, down Old Cutler Road and into Matheson Hammock for a snack. My in-laws lived across the street from Matheson Hammock so often our journey ended there. Our longest car trip together was going to Miami Beach to visit my Mom and “swim in the ocean”. My kids were occupied with conversation and life’s adventures, not technology. The car’s CD player was technology’s only representation in our life. We listened to each other’s voices or music. The first introduction of technology into my family occurred when Santa Claus brought three “Game Boys” to Tiffany (age 9), Keith (age 6) and Hayley (age 3 ½), Christmas 1993. Game Boys were the portable device of the early 90’s. I limited the time the children were allowed to use their Game Boys. I worried about their little eyes focusing on such
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